"All Inclusive" Sail-Away

The yacht is in Sail-Away condition and comes with a solid equipment for blue-water cruising.

Easy Handling and Safety:

With the ProFurl roller-reefing genoa and your choice of main sail and / or mizzen, the yacht is easily handled by a small crew. Depending on the course and winds, the sail area can be adjusted with the blister or mizzen staysail.

Whether hard on the wind, broad reach or down wind, the yacht makes you feel safe and comfortable. The middle cockpit protects from the elements.  Stay dry - and forget about the oilies ! 


  • Francis 400 windlass, 2-speed, with gypsy and warp drum
  • 2 well-sized anchors for specific sea beds
  • Davits to hoist the dinghy
  • 4 solar panels (adjustable, installed on the davits)
  • Windgenerator (vibration free installation)
  • Avon Hypalon Liferaft in hard shell container
  • Lifevests
  • Fenders, ropes, mooring lines

Rigging / Sails

  • Pro-Furl roller reefing genoa
  • Removable emergency forestay
  • Main and mizzen with conventional reefing
  • Running backstay for mizzen (both sides)
  • Mizzen staysail
  • Blister ("lazy" spinnaker)
  • Spi pole
  • Spi blocks aft, sheets are guided into cockpit

Middle Cockpit

  • Hardtop with 4 hatches to monitor sails
  • Easy access to the deck (both sides, can be closed for added protection and safety)
  • Protected area for charts, navigation and everything needed when under sail
  • Well dimensioned winches for main, mizzen, spi und genoa sheets
  • Removable helmsman's chair
  • Access to the cabins with sliding doors
  • Radar access from the cockpit

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