Ihr neues Zuhause in der Karibik - Waiting for you in the Caribbean

Waiting for you in the Caribbean

The best thing about ocean crossing is the Planter's Punch at the arrival.

So, why not just start here? No stress with planning - no physical strains - no wear and tear on the material.

Are you the new owner ?

After a fulfilling cruising life, we consider to spend our next stage of life on firm grounds. For this reason we are seeking a new owner taking over this Yacht at attractive conditions:

  • Direct from owner to owner - no broker
  • Sailed by owner only - no charter
  • Swiss registered - high standards
  • Sail-Away condition, Live-Aboard equipment
  • Ample equipment: tools, machinery, spare parts, boat accessories, boat supplies

Limited warranty

The condition of the yacht permits us to offer a limited warranty covering the bottom of the boat, the rigging, the engine and the gearbox. Please contact us for details.


We are looking forward seeing "our" boat in good hands. In our opinion, the best way to achieve this is a deal to the mutual benefits of both parties and we are offering this yacht at a reasonable price. A price which is below the price of comparable Nicholsons.

Asking Price - please contact us


The yacht is immediately ready for inspection in the Caribbean. Why not combine your inspection with a vacation or the most prestigious sailing event of the year in the Caribbean (Antigua Charter Week / Antigua Racing Week). Please contact us at your earliest convenience. We are gladly prepared to assist you with tips and hints for flights and accommodation.

Questions ?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question you might have.

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